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Staircase Ideas That Are Incredibly Innovative for Small Spaces

There has been a recent observation of people moving out into tiny houses. Small homes are not only cheaper, but they tend to encourage a happier lifestyle. Small homes come with one big challenge. Small homes do not have a lot of space. Every square foot in a small house needs to be utilised so that one can maximize space. Staircases are the biggest features that suck up space in the house. Below are ideas on how to innovate your staircase incredibly for a small space.

Put a staircase that has a storage space. One best way to fit in a staircase in a small home is making them a storage space too. One way to double up your staircase into a storage solution is installing shelves where you can put books under the steps, turn the steps into a drawer where you can put your clothes, or you can keep seasonal items under the stair’s cupboard. Staircases that are turned into storage spaces in small homes bring a beautiful future. A creative design elements will be established when space will also be created in small spaces.

Building a vertical staircase. A vertical staircase is identical to a traditional staircase, but they are slant is much steeper. Stairs are more stable, but they are more like a ladder for a better understanding. Climbing up and down needs to be safer for people hence handrails are necessary. One can opt to skip the staircase and go for a loft ladder instead which helps in saving space. You will always find many options for types of loft ladder. Loft ladders with a traditional look are not the only ones available in the market, but it’s possible to find those that match your Design preferences.

You can opt for a ribbon staircase. Normal staircases ribbon staircases are more vertical. Ribbon staircases are not as steep as vertical staircases. Ribbon staircases will assist in saving space, and at the same time, one does not feel like they’re climbing up a ladder. Ribbon staircases are an artistic eye-catcher. Ribbon staircases do not like normal steps where each step is like a piece of ribbon candy. The back steps of a ribbon staircase are left open. This allows light in a room, making it feel more open.

Floating staircases are a good option for small spaces. Floating staircases do not touch the ground except for the bottom step. Staircases are fastened on the wall for floating staircases. There are open spaces available underneath floating staircases. The space left can fit pieces of furniture such as couches, desks, tables, TVs and many more. Small living rooms can take advantage of floating stairs due to space they free.