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Things to Put in Mind When Finding LED Parking Lot Lights
Parking Lot lights are very essential since they help with security. They help to see when parking vehicles in the parking lot. It is necessary to put up the light in places they are not available. Replacement maybe required in places that have lights. Both these scenerials make it necessary to be able to choose the correct LED parking lot lights. Commercial centers should have the lights in LED form. It is commonly use for indicator light in electrical devices. LED light only needs a low number of voltage to operate. They can be connect to a solar panel when installed outside . This paper will highlight the factors to consider when finding LED parking lot lights.
You need to know whether you want to upgrade your parking lot lights. This knowledge will enable you have a clear picture on te costs that come with upgrading such as installation costs, cost of disposing the current fixtures, whether you will get discount for converting to LED lights etc. Calculate the amount of energy you will be saving to see if the upgrade makes sense.
Consider whether light are available or you need to add more lights. You will be able to save a lot if there were lights in the same place before. The saving comes as a result of using the existing poles and wires. This means you also save on labor and materials. Plan to get licenses,poles and wires if there existed no lights before . You will need to engage the services of a general contractor to help you put up the lights. Make sure you get a well experienced contractor. Saving on time and money will be as a result of a job well done.
When it comes to mounting the LED parking lot lights it is important to know how the fixtures will mount. Getting the correct parts that go with the mount is important therefore knowing the type of mounts one has is important. It is important to know what wattage will be used in the area. Before purchasing the lights it is important to know what distribution pattern will work for you The use of photo metric software can be used to assess the area to tell the best distribution patterns.
Bulbs color temperatures are important to consider The colors that are best suited for outside should be chosen. CRI being the standard measurement of quality light should be considered. 70+ is the recommended CRI. Rebates are an important consideration when purchasing the lights. Another thing to consider is the warranty so as to know who will help in case things go wrong.

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