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Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Thyroid gland has a unique butterfly like shape. Metabolism occurs in cells where energy is produced. It may be hard to distinguish between thyroid disease and other conditions as their symptoms may be similar. Imbalance in the thyroid hormones my alter the basic functioning of the body. which is highly confused with hyperthyroidism which is the over activity of the thyroid. The inflammation of the thyroid is also common and is referred to as thyroiditis. Another condition that fact the thyroid gland is thyroid cancer which manifests itself through a lump on the neck.

Mood swings is a common symptom of thyroid disease. Thyroid interferes with the functioning of the thyroid gland in the way hormones are produced. When experiencing problems with your thyroid an individual experience temperature changes for no reason. Mood shifting is severe social relationships of an individual can be completely destroyed. With hyperthyroidism some people may feel depressed and full of negative thoughts. Feeling cold is common with hypothyroidism which is caused by slowed metabolism.

Your hair may appear brittle from thyroid problems. Constipation is one among the hypothyroidism checklist, The skin cells and the sebaceous glands experience problems function under low hormonal levels leading to dry skin. If the thyroid gland is over working metabolism is high speeding up digestion which causes one to diarrhoea. Diarrhoea from thyroid problems should be carefully examined to avoid misdiagnosis from other conditions which may lead to diarrhoea. Thyroid problems causing sweaty hands and feet may lead to smelling feet which may be very disturbing.

The female reproductive cycle may be affected by the thyroid disease. The female reproductive hormone are sensitive and their level change from time to time. Inactivity or over activity of the thyroid gland may lead to lowering or doubling up of the hormones. A female may also have trouble maintaining the pregnancy, the thyroid disease is sometimes associated with a number of miscarriages in early pregnancy. Many females dreamed having kids and building a family when having thyroid diseases thus dreams may be shifted. Irregular periods may lead to difficulty in family planning.

One may experience weight gain which they may find hard loosing. When one has insufficient thyroid hormone their body is likely to accumulate a lot of weight. Slow metabolism lowers the amount of calories broken down to produce energy the starch is converted to fatty acids which are stored into the body causing one to drastically gain weight. Loss of appetite may lead to other deficiency like anaemia where one may suffer from low red blood cells count. When one experiences loss of appetites drastic weight loos or weight gain one should consult with a physician to ensure they are carefully examined to know what they are experiencing.

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