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What are Some of the Hair Care Tips for Fitness Buffs

You find that 60.78 million Americans have a fitness center membership. It is essential to note that the main thing that haunts many who go to the gym is taking care of their hair. Here is detailed nine post-workout hair tips that you should know.

The first tip is mini-wash. You find that when you have a sensitive scalp sweat can make you irritated. Here you will need to wash the roots after a sweaty session to avoid the salt buildup. It is also necessary that you do this without getting a full wash.

Apart from that, you should use a hair mask. It is vital that before you tie your hair back, apply your treatment mask and comb it from the tip to the root. Thereafter, pull your hair into a bun, braid or a ponytail and get your session going. You find that this is vital as it will protect your hair from the effects of sweat. Here the masks will lock in the moisture into your hair strands. The moment you are done with the gym, wash out the mask and air-dry your hair.

The next tip is to blast the cold air with a blow-dryer. It is essential to note that your blow-dryer has a cold-air setting. Therefore, you should turn it into this setting and give your hair a few short blasts of cold hair while drying it. It is advisable to avoid using it consistently as it can make your hair greasy. The moment your hair is dry, your hair is completely dry, and you can style it, and try this hair pomade for excellent results and then use the cold hair in sections to set your look.

Apart from that, we have hair tonic. In some case, you may want to shower after hitting the gym and you don’t want to make your hair wet. Here you will have to spray your hair with astringent hair tonic. It is vital that you let the steam from the shower to enable the tonic to penetrate your hair without having to rinse it. Remember that tonic is essential in breaking down the excess sweat and sebum without water. Once you are through with the gym, you can blow-dry your hair and style it.

Last but not least, you can also use dry shampoo. When you are not in a place to visit the shower after the gym, the best option is to clean your hair using dry shampoo. To do this you will have to aim and apply it at the roots. In addition, you should also blast it with a blower instead of using your hand to rub it. It is essential that you don’t use dry shampoo in wet hair.

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