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Learn About Puerto Rican Foods

Before your trip ends in Puerto Rico, you should see to it that you at least try some of their best traditional dishes. Some of the things that Puerto Rico boasts of include delectable dishes, lively music scenes and beautiful beaches. The major recipes they have usually involve the use of a variety of meats, garlic, rice and olive oil. These foods also come with an explosion of spice and flavor that represents their culture. If you ever get yourself in Puerto Rico, these foods that they prepare should be on the top of your to do list. This article is very important because it majorly outlines some of the best delicacies of Puerto Rico that people should try while there.

Puerto Rico has so many dishes to try and among these foods the first one you should try is the mofongo. This is the unofficial national dish of this country. This food is full of mashed plantains, seasoning and unlimited choice of fillings. If you are an individual who loves mashed plantain and potato, then you will for sure love the mofongo. The mofongo is basically Puerto Rican comfort food.

Among these foods prepared in Puerto Rico is the mamposteao. This is basically a rice dish that wholly consists of cilantro, tomato sauce, onions, olive oil and green peppers. People should be aware of the fact that this is the kind of recipe that is actually the easiest to make when it comes to these foods prepared in Puerto Rico. All you have to do is mix these ingredients and just cook them in one pan. You need to be aware of the fact that this is the kind of food that is available in almost all their restaurants and food trucks.

Bacalaitos is also among these foods in Puerto Rico that you should try out. In English, this dish is referred to as fried codfish fritters. It is basically made from boiled codfish that had been shredded, de-boned and skinned. The ingredients used to prep this dish involve batter which is normally packed with adobo seasoning, water, baking powder and flour. If you would want to prepare it on your own you need to know that its process is very easy.

Tostones is another delicacy among these foods in Puerto Rico that you should try before departing the country. Tostones are among these foods that are most famous in the country. Just like the mofongo, you need to know that tostones too is made out of the green plantains.