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Key Signs Of Elder Abuse That You Should Know

To be able to do things that you were able to do independently when you grow, you will need some assistance. Because of the elderly depending on the help of someone else, there are often than not subjected to mistreatment. The study done reveals that a lot of elderly people are subjected to exploitation in one way or the other. Elderly abuse is the harm that they are subjected to at the hands of the people they trust can help them. This does not mean that they receive the torture at the assisted living or retirement home. It can be done by a loved one, a neighbor or someone in a position of trust and responsibility. You have to know the signs of torture to the elderly so as to be able to assist them. you can read this article to know some of the top signs of elder abuse.

Physical abuse is one of the top types of elder abuse. This can be harming the body or injuring it and some of the most common forms of physical abuse are, hitting, kicking, pushing or burning. Restraining the elderly by either locking them in a room, tying them or any other form is not allowed. It is not allowed to give the seniors drugs that are nor prescribed by the doctor. To know the physical abuse, check if the elderly have some bruises or burns, wounds that are not healing and many more.

Sexual abuse on this list is the second type of abuse that the elderly go through. There is a misconception that elderly people do not go through sexual abuse. They normally fall victims because they are vulnerable. Exposure to pornographic materials or forced nudity are forms of sexual abuse to them. Unwanted touching or rape are some of the types of sexual abuse. Kwow that the elderly are likely subjected to rape if they have damaged clothing particularly the underwear, sexually transmitted diseases, genital bleeding and many more.

Psychological abuse is also another type of elder abuse. Yelling, threatening or having condescending communications at the elderly are psychological abuse. You should not restrict them to move, what they see and what they do as it can make them be psychologically unfit.

Financial abuse to the elderly is also one of the types of abuse they go through. They are under financial abuse when their property and assets are under threat. Forging the signatures of the elderly is also a type of financial abuse. It is not good to ask for bogus donations for them, charging them services they did not receive and so on.

To address the signs of elder abuse, you have to speak privately with them and let them know your concerns and that you would like to help them. If they disclose to you that they are abused, make sure you contact the relevant authorities of the elderly and if you find out that the issue is not that urgent, get in touch with the adult protective services in the state of the victim.