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What You Must Do About Your Plumbing Before You Leave for Your Vacation
It’s very hard to find people staying in their normal homes during the holiday. Its not to leave without checking on some things in your home because they can cause damage in your home while you are away. When you talk about performing some checklist the only thing that runs in their mind is about ensuring all the security equipment are in working conditions. They forget that the water problem can cause a great disaster to their homes than the thieves. In this site we will be highlighting for you the tips that you need to consider when you are performing a plumbing checklist.

Check your main water valve. It’s good to shut off the main water supplier into your house if there is no system in the house that needs to be supplied with water. This is an important step because in case of any leaks or burst of the water lines they will not ruin your items in the house because there will be no water entering the house. Nevertheless, you might not have the idea of where the main water supply switch is located in your house and therefore you should consider requesting for guidance from a trained plumber. When it happens that you cannot close the main valve because of the water needed in the house then you have to make sure all the taps are closed.

The next step for plumbing maintenance before you leave for your vacation. If you will not be coming back soon ensure you have a relative or friend that you trust who will be running water through the water pipes and flushing the toilet. The pipes need water flow so that they will not crack and the sewer line should be flushed to avoid the buildup of gases in the system.

Confirm the pool pump is at good working status. Algae will normally accumulate in your pool in case the water is stagnant for a long time. Thus the water supply to the pool shouldn’t be closed. Ensure the water flowing to the pool is limited to avoid water wastage now that it’s not being used. The pump must be working properly and that why you need someone to check on it while you are away. It’s important to plan on the needs of the water for your house sitters in case you will close the main tap.

You also need to check for leaks in sinks, bathtubs and many more to confirm that there is no water flowing from them which can increase the water bill even when you are not using it. Finally you need to flush your drainage, perform hose inspection and test the sump pump.